I’m an expert in getting models started. My Portfolio & Coaching shoots will not only give you the photos you need to start your career, but also a lot of knowledge about the industry, you’ll be ready to work with all types of different creatives. My following in the photography industry (because of the workshops and events I run for photographers) will also get you noticed.

Getting your portfolio started with me will give you more knowledge in three hours than you could hope to acquire in a full year of TFP shoots.

For that reason, of course, I do not offer collaborations/TFP shoots. Please contact me if you are ready to invest in your career and give your skills a massive jump!

And don’t worry! I know how hard it can be, financially, for young models trying to kickstart their career, so my Portfolio & Coaching shoots are way more affordable than what you are probably expecting.

Below I have a selection of photos from my Portfolio & Coaching shoots, but you can also see more here.

How does a portfolio shoot in my studio work?

  • We talk and shoot for THREE hours;
  • Your photos go straight to a computer and iPad so you see them as we go and they are also edited as we go*;
  • I developed a process that will get you from “wanting to be a model” to actually having the skills a model needs;
  • Once we’re done, you go through your photos to select your favourites**;
  • When I start posting photos from our shoot on Social Media, you’ll most likely get messages from photographers wanting to work with you***;
  • You’ll learn more about the industry, the skills you need as a model and how to stay safe in photoshoots in three hours with me than you would doing lots of TFP shoots****;
  • Ongoing support. I’ll be there for you to message me on social media when you’re not sure about something (“should I work with this person?”; “should I try this style?”; “what should be my rates right now and when should I increase them?”; etc).

* Edited for colour corrections, contrast, B&W, etc. Portfolio shoots do not include skin retouching. Skin retouching is available on request for an extra fee. Feel free to ask me why.
** You select your favourites, then I select my favourites, and you still receive all the photos so you can analyse them and see what works and what doesn’t for you. Every model is different and so are the poses they can do.
*** I run workshops and events for photographers and they keep an eye out for new models I work with. They know the models I coach are ready for them to shoot with so the ones that like your look will most likely get in touch. Of course I cannot promise you’ll get any work after shooting with me, but from experience, it will happen.
**** When you try to learn by doing TFP shoots, chances are you’ll pick up lots of wrong things as you go and it will not just take a long time for you to become the model you can be, but it could also make you do things the wrong way for so long that will be hard to “unlearn” those later. I am not saying all TFP shoots are bad, but it will take longer for you to learn the right things.

I first started shooting with Bruno last year, at the beginning of my serious modelling career. Within one shoot Bruno taught me the art of modelling and the industry and I have yet to find a more valuable experience within my modelling career. Bruno doesn’t just take ridiculously good photos, he teaches you how to embrace your own style, techniques to work with any level of photographers, how to work with your environment, the ethics and moral codes of a model/ photographer relationship, how to get work, value yourself, and do it all safely! His work goes beyond a few photos, his work stays with you for a lifetime. Could not recommend a more valuable photographer/teacher than Bruno Domingues.

– Michaela Shuttleworth – Model, actress, stunt woman and Miss Scuba International

I met Bruno on my first agency shoot. Bruno is a wonderfully warm and welcoming person while being very professional and we became friends immediately. He made my first shoot incredibly fun and comfortable, and the photos were fantastic.

I love shooting with Bruno for many reasons. Not only does he produce photos of extremely high quality, he is also very creative and innovative. Every shoot I have had with Bruno has produced photos I am extremely happy with. I trust Bruno implicitly, which always allows me to relax during the shoots. This, along with Bruno’s amazing skills, produces amazing shots.

Bruno also combines training with every photoshoot. The coaching and advice he has given me has allowed me to improve quickly and gain confidence on photoshoots. I have also been lucky enough to participate as a model in Bruno’s photo walks, which are both an enjoyable and educational experience.

I believe Bruno’s guidance and support has significantly assisted me in my transition into the modelling industry. I hope to have the pleasure of shooting with him more in the future.

– Megan, model

Bruno’s support of my daughter Megan’s development has been invaluable. His warm, friendly, professional manner made Megan’s introduction to photoshoots both educational and fun. He has played a significant role in the development of her skills and his advice regarding the industry in general has been extremely helpful. He has also produced some of our all-time favourite photos of Megan. I can highly recommend Bruno to anyone seeking excellent photos, but also to people looking for training. He is excellent in both areas and a pleasure to work with!

– Janine, Megan’s mum

Working with Bruno was an experience I will never forget. He taught me that modelling doesn’t have to be serious all the time and in fact that the most important thing is to have fun! My photoshoot with Bruno was exciting, insightful, and very educational! I learnt the rights/wrongs in a model and photographers relationship, what to look out for, and how to stay safe. I felt truly comfortable with Bruno and would definitely recommend working with him as you not only get amazing photos but an amazing mentor for the day!

– Isabella Galletly – Model

Trust between photographer and model is so important!

It took me a long time to feel comfortable taking photos like this and posting them made me so anxious, I wasnt happy with my body and was so worried of the backlash from family and friends.
Communicating this with Bruno and his complete understanding and promise that nothing will be posted without my permission and consent gave me the freedom to play with a style I never thought I’d do.
This shoot was empowering!
Limited editing (except B&W) showing me my true body, made the warped thoughts on how “fat” or imperfect I was fall away.
I still have a long way to go and sometimes look in the mirror and dislike what I see because I compare myself to others or my old fitter self.. but that is ok! One step at a time, each day I learn to love my unique self more and more.
So yes, I am only wearing underwear but guess what!? I love these photos, I love my body and I love that I was given the opportunity to find this comfortability within myself.

– Jess May. Model

Before shooting with Bruno, I had very little skill and training. As I had only done very few shoots, I was never taught the proper way on how to pose, position myself, and let my personality show through. However, after meeting Bruno for the first time, it was like my whole aspect on modelling had changed. It felt like my eyes had opened to a new insight of a realm I never really understood, and I was truly challenged in our first shoot alone.

I have been blessed with working with Bruno on numerous occasions, and with every single shoot he never fails to amaze me with his talent and constant beaming energy. Every shoot I feel like I grow as a model and as a person, as I am constantly being brought out of my little shell made of insecurities and self-doubt. Bruno has helped me become a better model, filled with more confidence and has allowed for my true colours to shine through. With his help, I have also been able to gather more of an understanding on industry standards and how the industry works.

From the first moment that Bruno and I met, we clicked instantly. I feel like being able to have that relationship with your photographer is such an important part, as it also creates a beautiful friendship. Without Bruno, I would still be this shy girl in my own little bubble, but Bruno has helped me explore out of that place and made every environment I’m in feel like a safe, and comfortable one. Bruno is not only a talented photographer, but he is also someone I am so grateful to call a friend. I am so grateful to be able to work with him, and I am blessed every moment I get to share with him in the studio. I look up to him as a mentor, and am thankful for the skills he has taught me and the training he has been able to give me. I wouldn’t be where I am without Bruno, so therefore I thank you, Bruno. Thank you for bringing out the best in me and have allowed me to flourish into the model / young woman I am today.

– Emily McMullen – Model and singer

I have been in the industry for a number of years and I still sometimes get slightly nervous and apprehensive before a job. My shoot with Bruno was a completely fresh and exhilarating opportunity. Not only was Bruno amazing, but he taught me so much in the two hours our shoot lasted and we achieved eight looks in that time. I want to say thank you so much for the best raw, natural and intense modelling experience. It has allowed me see myself through your lens with new eyes.

– Kim Moss – Model and Actress

Shooting with Bruno is professional and effortless – he has the ability to work his magic behind the camera and also offer valuable advice at the same time, he can capture hidden elements in his model and helps them to express this in their own way. Would highly recommend him!

– Tara Herron, Model’s mother and manager

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