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Question: Why can’t I find your pricing list?
Answer: There are lots of different reasons why I don’t list my prices, but the main one is that I prefer to quote differently for each job. Every job is different and involve costs that are particular to them, so having a set price list could mean that I’m charging too much for some jobs and too little for others.


Question: What types of photography do you do?
Answer: I shoot mainly advertising (commercial), fashion, editorial, model portfolios and actor headshots.

Question: So no weddings, events, families, etc?
Answer: Although I have shot them in the past and have the skills to do so, I chose not to. I like to focus on what I believe I’m best at, so no birthday parties, weddings, family portrait, children, boudoir or pets. I do occasionally shoot some events but not often.

Question: Do you do any collaborative work (TFP)?
Answer: Occasionally. I’m a photographer and I like to stay creative, so some times I will get together with other creatives and do something. But usually with people I already know and worked together in the past. Please do not message me asking for free shoots. I am a full time photographer and do not have another job.


Question: How can we hire you for a commercial job?
Answer: The best way is to get in touch. You can email, message, call, send a telegram… the more information about the job you send me in your first contact, the easier and quicker it’ll be for me to make quote for your job.


Question: What camera, lenses, lights, etc do. you use?
Answer: It always depends on what’s required for the job. I own plenty of equipment and some times hire gear if the job requires. I’ll list below some of the equipment I use anything I believe will be the best for each job.

– Sony A7R V;
– Nikomat EL (35mm film);
– Kiev 6C (6×6 film);
– Mamiya 6 Foldable (6×6 120 film);

– Sigma 85mm f/1.4 ART;
– Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART;
– Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro;
– Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8.

– Godox DP III Series.

Computer & Other Stuff:
– 2019 MacBook Pro 16″ 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, 32GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5600M 8 GB;
– ASUS 24″ IPS Monitor;
– iPhone 13 Pro Max;
– iPad Pro;
– DJI Mavic Mini;
– Capture One Pro;
– Photoshop;
– Backblaze Cloud Backup;
– and my own backup system created by myself.


Question: Where is your studio?
Answer: I’m the in-house photographer at ur444 Studios, in Brisbane City.


Question: How does your Model Portfolio & Coaching shoot work?
Answer: My Model Portfolio & Coaching shoot goes for 3 hours, some times a bit longer. We shoot in the studio and talk a lot about the industry, the styles you can do, rates, commercial jobs, etc. All while getting your portfolio done. The photos go instantly everywhere (computer, iPad, etc) so you can see them as we’re creating them. I show you videos of other models working as well. At the end of the shoot you go through the photos, and I’ll send you all the photos, usually the same or next day. I will select the ones I think are the best for your portfolio but you also get all other shot so you can analyse them yourself.

I also run workshops and other events for photographers and only hire models who have been trained by me, so chances are you’ll be hire by me in the future and be exposed to lots of photographers that will also hire you.

Question: Do you only coach agency models?
Answer: Not at all. If you’re currently freelancing and would like me to coach you, I will, and I can give you tips about signing with an agency if that’s what you want to achieve.

Question: You used the word “exposed”. Isn’t “exposure” a bad word in the professional industry?
Answer: The word was made bad by people miss-using it. When you get asked (or ask someone) to work for free with the promise of exposure, you need to consider the audience. Because of the education side of my business, you get exposed to people who can become your clients. Photographers who learn from me and clients who work with me know how well trained my models are and for that reason, they know they’re hiring the right models for their needs. But do keep this in mind: there are no promises in this industry.


Question: What type of outfits are good for actors headshots?
Answer: A plain t-shirt and jeans is always a good start. Depending on your age, a business look is always good to have. If you’re a 40+ years old mother, something that shows that; if you’re 15 years old, something more fun and playful. It’s always a good idea to ask your agent as he/she knows what you can be cast for.

Question: Which photos should I use for my casting databases?
Answer: Again, it depends what you’re being submitted for. Your main photo should always be your closeup plan headshot with an expression that grabs the casting directors’ attention. Other photos will depend on castings, but plain 3/4 shot and full body shot are a must as well. Just remember: if your main headshot is not good, casting directors will not even look at the other photos.

Question: Can I use selfies or ask my friends/family to take these photos?
Answer: For the body shots, you can ask your friends/family, if you can’t get professional photos done, but remember they will show. you’re not committed. As for selfies, NEVER. Do not use selfies in your databases. And your headshot has to be a professional one. Even if your friends/family know how to take photos, a headshot photographer will know how to get the best out of you, for CASTINGS. Actors headshots are not portraits, there are lots of things headshot photographers do to get the best casting photo they can. It’s not just camera settings and lighting.

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Question: I want to learn photography but don’t know where to start…?
Answer: If you haven’t started yet, you could book a mentoring session with me. This way we can talk about your interests and find out the best way for you to start. Don’t go out buying expensive equipment Youtubers tell you to buy before understanding more about what you want to do with photography, how to achieve that and the equipment needed to help you in your journey.

Question: I’m already taking photos but I feel stuck, can you help?
Answer: Absolutely. A mentoring session would also be good for that, but if you’d prefer you could book one of my workshops when they’re available. I also run photowalks in Brisbane if all you want is to practice.

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